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The Way I See It
I've been competing in triathlons for about 3 years. The process of learning, training and competing has brought me face to face with a wide range of experiences from pain to exhiliration. Pain does fade, we'll leave it at that. Here's a small view into the stories- the way I see it .
Thanks for the Support!
I've been blessed with the support of family, friends, coaches and colleagues. As I continue to race and train there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think of the many people that have helped me or encouraged me along the way. I've taken on some challenging races, set some lofty goals for myself, and while you could argue much of that will land on my shoulders, it's so much easier with the network that surrounds me-- with the positive influence from all of you.

Swim, Bike, Run
What is this triathlon thing? It's a race - a swim, bike, and run combo, in that order, with as little time as you can spare in between events - also known as transitions. As you'll notice on the races listed to the right they are different distances.
The Attraction
How I started racing. The short story is that I got roped into it by some "friends" of mine a couple years ago. It started out as a simple idea to register for the Reston Triathlon - but I had to do it NOW because it would sell out within a week. And that was a year before the event. Peer pressure was also involved.

So I carefully balanced the idea of missing out on registration or participating in an event where two thirds of the race were things I had never done as a sport. Sure, I swam at the beach, and I could stay afloat in the deep end of the pool, but swimming a mile without stopping is a different treat. And while I'd run to the car when it was raining, actaully going for a run was my idea of wasted time- and bad for your knees. Of course the enticing thing about all of it was that "you'll be fine, we have all year to train together" and I would venture into a new adventure. "It's great!"

And no where in the literature or discussions with these friends was there mention of addiction. It only took the rest of the day after the race to sign up for the next one - which followed two weeks later. And soon after that there were plans for the next season. After that season, I learned so much that I just had to go back to see how I could improve. And here we are. My second full season.

And so as fate would have it, I convinced my friends to sign up for the Reston Triathlon again in 2006 (the two year anniversary). Payback. Thanks Tim and Robert.


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Ironman Arizona
2.4m Swim - 112m Bike - 26.2m Run
April 13 , 2008 : 7:00am

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Ironman Lake Placid
2.4m Swim - 112m Bike - 26.2m Run
July 22, 2007 : 7:00am

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St Croix Ironman 70.3
1.2m Swim - 56m Bike - 13.1m Run
May 6, 2007 : 6:42am
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